Powerful Life Event – My Birth Story

I had an awesome and wonderful pregnancy journey. I really enjoyed it, from the weird feeling of having someone kicking and moving inside my womb, up to taking advantage of always being in the priority zone hihi.

Giving birth is one of the most¬†exhilarating life event in every women. It is the most powerful thing that a woman can do. Continue reading “Powerful Life Event – My Birth Story”



Have you ever experienced you’re completely dressed for the cold rainy weather only to find out that later on in the day, a sudden shift in the temperature will give you sticky feeling and sweat?¬† Continue reading “UNPREDICTABLE WEATHER: FLEXIBLE OFFICE ATTIRE”


I’ve posted some infos and photos about our Boracay trip in my previous blogpost. This time let me share to you the real adventure we had in Boracay!

We were not actually engaged to any tour package that the hotel nor the website offers. We just went there and bargained prices to people who offer their activity packages. Backpackers indeed!

Enjoy our pictures!!

11692509_999832153363054_6561407575194386333_n Continue reading “BORACAY ACTIVITIES PHOTO DIARY”




I always want to keep things laid-back and comfortable whenever I leave my house. In this outfit I wore a white top, jeans and flat sandals. Something that is basic and relaxed. But if you’re going to go for a basic outfit make sure that there is something in your piece that will spice up your look. Instead of just wearing a plain white tee, I threw up an off-shoulder top to make the outfit simple yet not plain and boring. Continue reading “COZY AND EASY”


Hi there! It’s been a month since I posted a style blog here. I’ve been too busy at work and some errands that I only find less time to create a new blogpost. but don’t you worry guys because I am also trying to balance my busy work schedule and my passion. Heading over now to the main subject. I’d like to share to you what I wore during our company holiday party. Since it is an evening event, I decided to flaunt a black bodycon dress with an aztec print, then paired it with a black chelsea boots. And to spice up the look a little bit more, I added a hat and some accessories.

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