Stepping Into Motherhood

How hard is it to be a mother? After all, I thought of what this parenting thing really entails. Before I gave birth to my dear Summer, I am pretty excited yet scared because I am about to make a huge step in my life. Sure, I knew it’s going to be hard including changing lots of diapers and even lose sleep every now and then. Continue reading “Stepping Into Motherhood”

Dealing with Baby Blues

After I gave birth to Alessandria Summer, I was overjoyed because I can finally hold the baby that I had in my womb for 9 months. During my days in the hospital, me and my husband always visit our baby in the NICU just to see her and check how she’s doing. After 3 days in the hospital, we already went home together with our little bundle of joy. The first week was really hard for me. I had a sudden feeling of sadness, anxiety,mood swings,¬†and restlessness. I had bouts of crying and irritability. Continue reading “Dealing with Baby Blues”

Smart Parenting: Baby Shower

Being a mom for the first time is fearful yet exciting. It is the time wherein a woman is going to handle greater responsibilities. To get ready and be prepared for the arrival of my little angel is one of the task that I’m doing right now. It’s such a good thing that I was invited by Ms. Grace Enriquez, Media Relations Manager of Summit Media, to attend the Smart parenting Baby Shower Event that was held at Drake and Columbus Function Room, Discovery Suites Ortigas last April 03, 2016. Continue reading “Smart Parenting: Baby Shower”