Neutral Night

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

I am taking this chance to blog because my baby is now in her deep sleep yay!

Whoah it’s like forever since I updated my blog. As you all know, I am now a busy mom where my world seems to revolve around my sweet little Summer and finding writing a tricky thing to do considering that I spend most of the time taking care of my baby. It is of course as it should be, but at some point I also need to update my blog. Me and Summer are enjoying each other so much that it is hard to think properly about writing a blog post. Continue reading “Neutral Night”



Have you ever experienced you’re completely dressed for the cold rainy weather only to find out that later on in the day, a sudden shift in the temperature will give you sticky feeling and sweat?  Continue reading “UNPREDICTABLE WEATHER: FLEXIBLE OFFICE ATTIRE”

Vague Elegance

IMG_2828This is my 2nd style post in which I am wearing a maxi dress. On my previous blogpost, I have worn a maxi dress but it has prints and patterns. You can check the style post here.


IMG_2829FOREVER 21 Maxi Dress

Black maxi dress are usually associated for formal wears and occasions. But this time, I like to make it casual yet with an elegant vibe. I didn’t accessorize that much since I’d like to just keep the look minimal. I also love how the maxi drapes and flows unto my legs. It is so comfortable to wear and is perfect for any weather. It is ideal for humid days because of it’s lightweight texture while on the other hand, it is also perfect for a cold weather because of the long fabric which keeps your legs warmer. All you have to do is just layer a jacket or cardigan and you’re good to go!

And since the color is neutral, I jazzed up the look by wearing a bright pink wedge pumps.

IMG_2885Use the code ZBAP105 when you check out in ZALORA! and get 15% off in your total bill!


SO FAB! White Classic


I haven’t been blogging by these past few months because I’m quite busy arranging some work requirements and business appointments. I didn’t even got to post mybirthday blog! (how is that!?) So since I don’t have anything much to do today, I decided to just update my blog! (yey!) My photographer is busy doing their ad project so let alone take photos for my blog. Ugh! the hassle of being the photographer and model at the same time. Multitasking indeed! Gladly DSLR has live mode function 🙂



Moving on to my blog. SO Fab is one of my favorite aside from any other brand of women’s shoes. I love how their designs are so stylish from flats – sandals – heels. I just love everything in their boutique! I can’t resist but to always drop by in their boutique to check out their new arrivals.



Bounce to the details of the outfit. I got this floral jumpsuit and the satchel bag from Trendsetter Bazaar in World Trade Center. This is my go-to ootd and I really like wearing jumpsuits especially on casual days. Paired it with a white sandals or white sneakers. My ultimate #SoFabShoeCrush !!



Look at just how beautiful the gold chain with gems on it. Perfect for a simple yet chic style.

I think the best way to pair a printed or flashy outfit is by wearing any other white footwear. Whites are easy to pair with any other outfit because it is simple and easy, though it will stand out for sure.


Check out SO FAB website for updates and new arrivals! For a more comfortable way of shopping, you can also order online!


Like their Facebook Page! –> So! Fab  and get a chance to be featured in their Facebook page. Just upload your fabulous photos wearing your So Fab shoes and use hashtag #SoFabShoeCrush 🙂

It’s a Maxi Vibe

Floor-gazing dresses or what we all know as maxi dress are making it’s way to every women’s style. Before, most women associate long dresses with formal occasions. However it is changing now, it has become acceptable to wear maxi dresses even in casual days or whenever we want to. Since it is still season of summer (i think so), I wore a maxi dress with black checkered and floral prints.

I like wearing maxi dresses because it is comfortable, classy and  I just love the way how the hemline sways around my legs! 😀


I think it is perfect to pair the dress with an earth toned peep-toe heels. But if you are aiming for a relaxed effect, flip-flops or low-heeled platforms are perfect for a chic yet effortless vibe.




 NANS Maxi Dress & Bag | NAVA peep-toe heels | Cotton On trilby hat

Sweet Pastel

I am really such a soft-hued toned freak. I just love how a pastel colored ensemble can look so sweet and pleasant. This is actually my sunday OOTD post and one of my favorite so far.  I’m embracing the pastel trend to its fullest by trying to full my closet with pastel clothes.





Pastel Green Dress Cache Cache |  Peep-toe Heels  NAVA  |  Bag Lacoste




White Never Go Wrong

I was actually looking for something simple yet stylish outfit. You know.. those with a little bit of “swag” haha. I don’t want to look overdressed since I am just going somewhere with my family and have quality time with them. In my perception, white is the perfect color for the look that I wanted.

img_1019 (1)_opt_opt (1)

img_09861_opt (1)

The shoes that I wore was one of my favorite during my college years. It was vogue that time just before any other ‘swagger’ shoes appeared. I think it still never goes out of style since the design of their shoes looks so stylish and classy, the reason why I am still in-love with their shoes. A simple outfit can turn into a nifty and chic look.


PicMonkey Collage


Since I am on the go for a white ensemble, I paired it with a white watch from G-shock and a white shorts which I bought at one of the bazaars in Makati. I just added a plaid long sleeves and wrapped it around my shorts to add jazz in the look.


img_0998_opt (1)_opt


Jack Daniel’s black top | Forever 21 plaid long sleeves | G-shock digital watch | Ecko Unltd shoes | Bazaar white shorts


Oh well I think I came up with a nice #fotd though 🙂