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Anti-Acne Azelaic Facial

Anti Acne Azelaic

Anti Acne Azelaic is the new facial treatment offered by Dermstrata for people who have problem with acne breakouts. It is a facial procedure wherein the Azelaic serum is spread all over the face.

What is Azelaic?

It is an agent that provides anti-bacterial effects on the skin. It works well on mild to moderate acne which helps to prevent bacteria that causes acne.

Ms. MJ, the Marketing officer of Dermstrata invited me to their main office in Greenhills San Juan and we got a chance to talk about their new Anti Acne Azelaic treatment and having me as their official blogger, yey!


The team gave me the privilege to try their Azelaic facial for free. The procedure is as same as the usual facial treatments that I always had in the clinic. First is cleansing and exfoliating of the skin. Next is steaming and pricking. The time of this procedure depends on how many blackheads, whiteheads and pimples you have because the aesthetician always ensure that all acne in their client’s face are extracted. After this procedure is the use of vacuum and laser. These tools suck out the excess dirt and reduce the redness of the face that is caused by pricking. The final procedure is the application of the Azelaic serum. The aesthetician used a roller to spread the serum all over the face then hand me a negative ion rod , holding this while spreading the Azelaic serum helps to absorb the vitamins from the serum.

After 1-2 days, I noticed that my acne has already dried. Continuous use of Dermstrata’s skin care products can help to prevent acne breakouts.

The Anti-Acne Azelaic facial costs P1,250 / session only.

This facial treatment is perfect for those who needs to get rid of their acne and don’t want to experience irritation or peeling.

So let Dermstrata take care of your skin now to achieve a healthy and acne free skin! Visit any Dermstrata Skin Clinic and Spa near you and avail of this new treatment.
Happy skin, happy you!

You can check out their website linked in the advertisement section of this blog.

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Skin Care Haul

Having clean and healthy skin may help us develop positive self-esteem and confidence, that’s why a lot of people are so concerned about facial skin care. In this post is my updated skin care products from Dermstrata. Taking care of our skin is one of the basic things we can do to combat acne and early signs of ageing. We can start doing it by using the appropriate and safe skin care products.
Since I had my first facial treatment from Dermstrata, I started using their skin care products for maintenance. As far as I am using their products, I can say that it is indeed effective and safe. The prices are also budget friendly so there’s no hesitation to buy and try their products. These products are good for sensitive and acne prone skin like mine. These are all recommended to me by the aestheticians to help prevent acne and for proper skin maintenance.
It is complete with a Facial cleanser (Acne Wash) , Toner (Clearing Toner – morning) (Erythromycin Solution – night),Total Block Gel SPF 60, Eryderm Cream, Daily Whitening cream, and Derm C cream (skin lightening).
Proper skin care is essential for us so might as well start your skin care with Dermstrata’s products.
Check their website linked beside this page for their offered facial treatments.
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Diamond Peel
Problem with dull and dry skin? Does your fine lines and wrinkles bother you? Do you hate seeing blackheads, whiteheads and acne scars in your face? Well there’s a solution for that! Due to the advancement of technology nowadays, several skin treatments are made to help you with your skin problems, and one of that is called the Diamond Peel.
What is Diamond Peel?
It is a non-surgical procedure in which the skin is exfoliated to remove dead skin cells using actual diamond chips to vacuum the skin away. In order to do this, the top layer of skin is removed in order to rejuvenate the skin. 
I wasn’t able to take a picture of the procedure and the machine, but this is a sample picture of how it actually looks like.
diamond-peel-treatment skin care whitening 2
Dermstrata offers this facial procedure for P2,700 / 3 sessions. I availed of their 3 sessions and I am going to share to you my great  diamond peel experience in this clinic so that you may also have an overview on the procedures and results.
The first step is cleansing and exfoliating of face with the use of their mild cleansers and whitening scrub. After that, the aesthetician steamed my face for about 15-20 minutes. This procedure is done to unclog all the dirt and sebum in the face. After steaming is the pricking session. Now, this part is always the longest procedure since the aesthetician makes sure that all the blackheads and whiteheads are extracted in my face. After the pricking session is vacuum and laser. This procedure is done to minimize the redness and to clean the excess dirt in the face. After doing this procedure, the mask was applied to my face to calm the face from pricking. It was applied for about 20 minutes. After the mask is the Diamond peeling. The aesthetician gently runs the hand-held device with a diamond tipped wand over the skin. And lastly, the cryo hammer in which it gives a cool feeling while massaged all over the face. This is actually my favorite part in the whole diamond peel procedure. 
In the first session, I could actually notice visible results. But the result could be more noticeable in the third session. I noticed that my acne  marks were lightened and I felt like I just had a short term face lift.
It is also important to have skin maintenance to prevent acne. Dermstrata offers a wide variety of skin products to help us maintain a healthy and youthful skin.
I will post my Dermstrata skin care haul. So keep updated and stay subscribed my lovely readers! 🙂
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Be Sexy Stay Sexy
The sun is out and the heat is on! The perfect time to show off our sexy bodies with our swimsuits and summer outfits. With the help of best slimming treatments only at Dermstrata, you can get the curves that you deserve!
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Skin Care Routine
hit Skin Care 101 to view my day and night skin care routine including Dermstrata’s products.
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Dermstrata made my day!
When you’re working, you only can find a little time to relax and unwind. In my work, I only have 1 day off to have my self rest and what I do is to sleep and sleep and sleep :))). But yesterday I decided to be pampered and have my facial treatment. So I went back to my new facial clinic which is in Dermstrata located in SM Bicutan. As I got there I was surprised because one of the esthetician told me that I have a free facial treatment. She said that the main office of Dermstrata have read my blog about the clinic and decided to give me a free facial treatment.
The perks of being a blogger! This is such an early christmas gift for me! 😀
 I had another acne treatment facial and i’ve chosen Joy to do the procedure for me since I told her during my first visit that I want her to always do the facial treatment on me. 
Just like my first visit in the clinic, the procedure went well and I was so satisfied with the outcome. Although it was a bit painful because I had more acne compared to my first visit. I also noticed some acne in my face since I started working. Maybe it was due to stress, lack of sleep and pollution.
Well, having this kind of problems, Dermstrata is one of the best clinic to go to. The facial treatment has a complete procedure in which your skin will really be satisfied. They also have wide array of products for every skin type or skin condition. 
I have tested their toner and I can say that it really did good on my skin. I may have to avail of their toner again since I’m almost running out of it. I also bought some of their products which is the sunblock gel, face wash, and antibiotics. The esthetician recommended this to me since I have a slight sensitive skin and also for skin maintenance. 

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I would love love to go back in this clinic every month because of their good and satisfying service. 🙂 
I’d like to thank Dermstrata again for my free facial treatment. More power to your group! 
For more information about Dermstrata, click the link below:
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Good day to my readers! 🙂
I just want to share another great experience that I had in one of the well known derma clinic in our country.
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To give you an idea on what the clinic is all about and how dermstrata began,

Dermstrata Skin Clinic & Spa: from its humble beginnings of a single branch in SM Centerpoint, it has now grown to 30 branches with more to open within the year. A testament to the outstanding service Dermstrata provides to its multitude of satisfied and happy clients.

Started by the vivacious Dermatologist, Dr. Winnie Rodriguez on December of 1999, she envisioned Dermstrata Skin Clinic & Spa to be an institution that caters to the physical needs as well as address the emotional and social well-being of the person; an institution that allows an ordinary person to afford such treatment and pampering. It’s a vision carried out through professionalism, impeccable service, unmatched personal attention and tender, loving care by the charismatic doctor and her group of doctors and crew of highly skilled nurses and therapists.


So there, Im always having a facial treatment every month but in different clinic.  Since we moved to our new house, I find it hard to go back and forth to my usual derma clinic because it’s a bit far and it’s kind of hassle for me. So I searched for another clinic that also has the best services for their customers. Till I found Dermstrata, it is the branch in SM Bicutan. I searched through the net and found positive feedbacks about the clinic. Of course there are also some negative comments but mostly it’s positive. So after I went shopping in the mall I tried having an acne treatment facial. The procedure is almost the same with the other facial treatments there is steaming, pricking and mask afterwards. In Dermstrata it is a bit pricey compared to my derma clinic before but I can say that it’s really worth the pay for.

Aside from having your face steamed, pricked and masked, there are also other treatments included in the package. Also, what I love during my acne treatment is the final procedure. They called it the cold compressor (im not sure with the term hihi) this procedure will help your face to relax and reduce the redness caused by pricking your acne, that’s why I can still go shopping after the treatment because my face is not obviously too red 😀  And oh by the way! I also like the aesthetician that worked on my face. Her name is Joy 🙂 She is so nice and friendly. I can tolerate the pain during the pricking session because her hands are too light. We also got to talk about a lot of things during my treatment. I even told her that when I came back for more facial treatments, I want her to always do the treatment procedure for me. They also don’t force you to buy their products. But since im running out of toner, I asked Joy what are their available toners then I bought one. I am so excited to use this! I believe that this can do great for my skin and that’s how I trust Dermstrata 🙂

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I am so satisfied with the outcome of my facial treatment with Dermstrata. I will totally go back here every month to have my facial treatments! 🙂


For more information visit their website

Don’t forget to LIKE their facebook page


9 thoughts on “Dermstrata Skin Clinic & Spa

  1. Hi, I had this kind of treatment yesterday, and i noticed the next morning that the pricked parts are still reddish and kinda make a terrible dark spot mark, did you have the same experience? i’m worried cause it may be worse than I thought. Thank you.

    1. hello there! yes i experienced the same situation too. It will ne reddish for 2-3 days but don’t you worry it will fade away. I use a lightening cream which is from dermstrata also to help lessen the redness in my face 🙂

  2. thanks, uhhm,one more thhing are you using their acne wash?and i read the label of the toner,it says you can use 2x(morning and night),are you doing the same thing or just in the morning?thanks!:)

  3. I’m reading reviews about Dermstata and I really like to try it but I’m afriad bcoz it might not work on me like the others i’ve been to. I’ll try to go to Dermstrata and hope that will work for me! Thank you for the review! 🙂

  4. Jen …. you look great ! love your shoes …… keep up the great shots, try using an Olympus PL6 or 3 or hire my brother 🙂 hehehehe he’ll shoot you for free …

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