Summer’s 1st Birthday

Time flies by so fast, I remember the very first time I held her and only having the feeling of true love. I was excited and at the same time anxious because I had no idea of what being a mother truly meant, and how quickly things have changed. Continue reading “Summer’s 1st Birthday”

Neutral Night

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

I am taking this chance to blog because my baby is now in her deep sleep yay!

Whoah it’s like forever since I updated my blog. As you all know, I am now a busy mom where my world seems to revolve around my sweet little Summer and finding writing a tricky thing to do considering that I spend most of the time taking care of my baby. It is of course as it should be, but at some point I also need to update my blog. Me and Summer are enjoying each other so much that it is hard to think properly about writing a blog post. Continue reading “Neutral Night”

Stepping Into Motherhood

How hard is it to be a mother? After all, I thought of what this parenting thing really entails. Before I gave birth to my dear Summer, I am pretty excited yet scared because I am about to make a huge step in my life. Sure, I knew it’s going to be hard including changing lots of diapers and even lose sleep every now and then. Continue reading “Stepping Into Motherhood”

Eccentric Rhapsody

Let me start this blog post by giving you a bit of update in my pregnancy journey. I am on my 32nd week of preggo-stage and this is the time wherein I’m starting to feel much heavier. I had my 4D Ultrasound and it was awesome! I’ve posted a blog about it and you can check it here – > 4d Ultrasound Experience

Anyhoo, I am having so much love for maxi dresses since I got pregnant. Continue reading “Eccentric Rhapsody”

Maybelline Empties

Wooo! One of the best feeling for a beauty enthusiast is emptying make-up products. There’s a sense of satisfaction that I used up all of these make-ups without feeling dismayed. I have some make-ups that I have to throw away due to expiration date, without having to consume all the products because it just never impressed me. Continue reading “Maybelline Empties”

Smart Parenting: Baby Shower

Being a mom for the first time is fearful yet exciting. It is the time wherein a woman is going to handle greater responsibilities. To get ready and be prepared for the arrival of my little angel is one of the task that I’m doing right now. It’s such a good thing that I was invited by Ms. Grace Enriquez, Media Relations Manager of Summit Media, to attend the Smart parenting Baby Shower Event that was held at Drake and Columbus Function Room, Discovery Suites Ortigas last April 03, 2016. Continue reading “Smart Parenting: Baby Shower”