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whiteLooking to advertise with Beyond Concept?

Here is how to advertise:

Sponsored Post

Beyond Concept is open for any affiliate programs. But do know that reviews will still be written according to blogger’s honest opinion. For companies who are interested in promotions/reviews/collaborations/blog write ups/partnership/sponsorship and other event invites just email me at:

For banners and other advertising package…

Banner Ad

  • Large Square (320×240)
    Once clicked, it will lead directly to your social site

30 days
-w/o blogpost
-w/ blogpost
See example on the Ads & campaign sidebar

Menu Ad

  • You will have your own page in my menu. Your brand / products have logo banner, as well as an introduction of not more than 200 words, and links to your social sites.
    30 days
    See example here

Menu Ad (own a separate blog)

  • You will have your own page in my menu. Blog posts are created in a page wherein it is only about you/r brand or products.
    + Free Banner Ad which will be seen in the Ad & Campaigns sidebar of the website.
    60 days
    See example here

For International Ads -$ 

  • Fill up the contact form or send me an email.


For more info and inquiries feel free to email me at  or fill up the contact form below,

Including the advertisement package that you wish to avail.


I will send the complete details of the advertisement package through your provided contact information after you have fill up the form or sent me an email.

I am going to attend to all your inquiries asap!

Have a nice day! 🙂

P.S You can also choose to advertise in my Review website

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