About Jendia


Jendia is a fashion and beauty enthusiast from Manila, Philippines.

 Did what her heart desires, Jendia was a former fashion designer’s model and do runway fashion shows in late 2010. She’s been in the corporate world for almost 4 years. When she got married and became a mom, she decided to focus on blogging, do home-based work and take care of her little angel.

 Jendia likes exploring new places and new cultures. She gets excited, scared and anxious when it comes to new things. But generally, she’s very much open to it. Aside from that she also love singing on karaoke, live band or sometimes records her own song cover. She do selectively read books mostly self-motivation/ inspirational books.
 Ever since she discovered a love for fashion, beauty and writing so she started to create her own blog and until now sharing her life and passion to people.
Her blog is a journal about her life as a mom and wife. It is where she takes down her experiences, adventures, and life lessons as she continues to learn and inspire others.
Jen loves to write. She just do. Because this is where she can really express her thoughts.
She admits that she is not a polished or skilled writer. Jen may have some grammatical errors or the words are too basic, but she came to the realization that this is her blog. She will continue to learn and improve in every mistakes. This is her own statement on numerous things. So why not continue what she love doing?!

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